Seamless way to grow profits

drivenby ezpass

Transform Your Business with PayByCar:

  • On Arrival Identification: Customer Intelligence
  • Increase Loyalty: Strengthen customer retention.
  • Cut Costs: Lower operational expenses.
  • Versatile Integration: For gas, parking, drive-thrus, and more.

Discover the power of in-vehicle payment with PayByCar.
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Seamles way to grow profits

Utilizing the widespread network of over 55 million E-ZPass transponders

Thousands pass through your gas station or drive-through daily, weekly, monthly.
Why not harness that fact and give customers an easy way to pay while on-the-go?

PayByCar uses SMS technology (see how here), used by 97% of people daily, giving customers a seamless way to pay-by-text. And, you can interact with those thousands of customers, personalizing your marketing and understanding you customers like never before.

PayByCar boosted repeat visits by 117% during 180 day test
in Massachusetts.

5 Ways Retailers Benefit with PayByCar

  • Customer Loyalty.

    Boost your Loyalty program.

  • On Arrival Identification.

    Customer communication when it matters most.

  • Speed.

    Cut throughput in half.

  • Safety.

    Give customers a touchfree,
    secure way to pay.

  • Profit.

    Increase your market share.

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