Didn’t get a text when you arrived at the gas station?

We're sorry to hear that you've had trouble using PayByCar, and we appreciate your patience as we help troubleshoot the issue.

There are several possible reasons that you did not receive a welcome text message when you arrived at a participating gas station.

The most common reason is that your E-ZPass® transponder may not be working properly. This is usually due to a weak battery. For assistance with this, please contact your local E-ZPass service center.

didnt get a text

Other causes may include:

RFID Antenna

You may not have driven under the RFID reader – these are located in the awning above the gas pumps at the station. Please make sure that there are no bigger vehicles or trucks obstructing the direct view from antenna to your car when you are driving into the gas station.
Wondering what the RFID readers look like? Click here to see a photo.

E-ZPass Tag

Your transponder may be mounted to your windshield incorrectly, or your windshield may have special features that make it difficult to scan your transponder. Click here for a list of vehicles with these features and suggestions for alternative transponder placement.

Network Delays

  1. There may be a delay due to cellular network congestion in the area or disruptions in AWS.
  2. We may be doing system maintenance, which typically occurs for a short period of time between 2am-4am EST. If we are experiencing an unplanned system outage (for example, a power outage in the area), we will send an email to alert all PayByCar members who may 
be affected.

If none of these reasons apply, please contact us so we can better assist you.

If you'd prefer not to add a toll transponder to your PayByCar account, you can use a PayByCar Smart Sticker instead. It does not require batteries and will work ONLY at PayByCar enabled locations. To request a Smart Sticker, sign in to your PayByCar account and go to the transponders section. We will mail you the sticker with instructions for how to attach it to your windshield.

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