Pay-by-text gives retailers a simple, touchfree solution that customers love.

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PayByCar releases results of a new Customer LOYALTY survey for gas stations


65 Million U.S. vehicles are on the road with toll transponders,

Thousands pass through your gas station or drive-through daily, weekly, monthly.
Why not harness that fact and give customers an easy way to pay while on-the-go?

PayByCar uses sms technology, used by 97% of people daily, giving customers a seamless way to pay-by-text. And, you can interact with those thousands of customers, personalizing your marketing and understanding you customers like never before.

PayByCar boosted repeat visits by 117% during 180 day test
in Massachusetts.

5 Ways Retailers Benefit with PayByCar


Cut throughput in half.

PayByCar can speed throughput at the pump, in drive-thru lanes, and lots of other places. We do it by eliminating steps – for example, we cut 8 of 12 touches needed to pay at the fuel pump. Simple one-step transactions via text keeps customers moving.




Personalize your marketing.

PayByCar makes it possible for you to text your customer when it counts most – when they arrive on site. In-store specials, links to download your loyalty app, surveys and more, PayByCar is a powerful marketing tool with customer analytics.



Increase your market share.

PayByCar eliminates use of cards for payment. No cards, no fraud. Not from skimming or drive-offs. And, reduce risk from touch by 50-100% – keep your customers safe and healthy while they are on-the-go.


Drivers want to get in, pay, and be on their way quickly and seamlessly. By understanding who your customers are, greeting them on arrival, providing personalized marketing, and giving them an efficient way to pay.... they leave happy. And satisfied customers, are repeat customers!