If you have any questions about PayByCar, start by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

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What is PayByCar?

PayByCar is a simple, touchless, secure way to pay for on-the-go transactions like gas fill-ups and parking. We combine text messaging with electronic toll transponder technology to facilitate everyday drive-up transactions.

Will I be charged a fee when I use PayByCar?

PayByCar is a free service for consumers and it costs nothing to enroll.

Is a PayByCar account the same as an E-ZPass account?

No, they are separate accounts. PayByCar is a private company that has partnered with the 19-state E-ZPass Group to launch a non-toll program called DrivenByE-ZPass. PayByCar does not have access to your E-ZPass account, nor does E-ZPass have access to your PayByCar account. Payments made through PayByCar do not get deducted from your E-ZPass account.

What is a non-toll account?

It’s an account where you link a toll transponder (like E-ZPass) with a credit or debit card of your choice to use for any kind of non-tolling transactions. Examples include fuel purchases at a gas station and parking garages. Just like you have a tolling account with E-ZPass, you can create a non-tolling account with PayByCar.

Do I need an E-ZPass to use PayByCar?

The easiest way to experience PayByCar is with your E-ZPass but if you don't have one, we do have other methods to PayByCar as well.

You can Text ‘PBC’ to 617-249-7524. You will receive a link on your phone which will give you the ability to pay for gas using your phone.

You can also use a PayByCar Smart Tag, which uses the same kind of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) as an E-ZPass. The Smart Tag is a sticker that you attach to your windshield so that it can be read by the RFID reader at the participating gas station or other available location. (Note: The PayByCar Smart Tag does NOT work for toll payments.)

To receive a PayByCar Smart Sticker by mail, you must be enrolled with PayByCar. Click here to enroll.

How does PayByCar work at a gas station?

When you drive into a participating gas station, PayByCar recognizes your toll transponder (or Smart Tag, if you have one) and sends you a welcome text message to confirm that you’d like to purchase gas with PayByCar. You reply with the pump number, and we turn on the pump. After fueling up, you drive away with an email receipt. (If you do not wish to use PayByCar during a particular visit to the gas station, simply reply to our text with “N” to cancel.)

Can I use PayByCar at any gas station?

PayByCar is available at 27 Alltown gas stations in Massachusetts. We will be expanding soon to include other locations and types of transactions such as parking facilities, fast food drive-thru, car washes, and more.

For a list of locations, click here.

Is there a location near me?

For a list of locations, click here.

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Why do I have to allow location services everytime I use the link (PayByText) to fill gas?

The location services help us to locate which PBC gas station is the nearest to you and helps us connect you to the gas station ecosystem.

It also helps us prevent any fraud attempts to fill up gas using your phone.

If you are further away from a PBC location, we’ll let you know that you’re not close to any PBC locations and will not be able to transact.

Is this a way for E-ZPass (or another agency) to track me?

The only “location tracking” involved is the short-range RFID technology that alerts PayByCar when your toll transponder is at a participating location. We use two-factor identification by texting your smartphone for confirmation. We don’t know where you came from before you got there or where you’re going after you drive away. The range of the RFID reader is limited to that specific location. PayByCar is a private company - your account with us is separate from your E-ZPass account.

What if someone steals my E-ZPass – can they buy gas with my account?

We use two-factor authentication prior to any transactions. The E-ZPass transponder is used only to identify that your transponder is at a participating gas station. To make a fuel purchase using PayByCar, an E-ZPass thief would also need access to your smartphone to respond to our confirmation text.

Why didn’t I get a text when I arrived at the gas station?

You will get a welcome text if you have an active E-ZPass or a PayByCar smart tag. But if you still didn’t receive a text, the are some possible reasons why you are not getting the on-arrival text include:

  • You may not have driven under the RFID reader – these are located in the awning above the gas pumps at the station. If you are at the gas station but have not pulled up to a pump yet, you may not be close enough to the reader.
  • Your E-ZPass transponder needs a new battery.
  • Your E-ZPass could have stopped working altogether. We recommend that you email us at support@mypaybycar.com with your transponder number and let us know. We will check our logs to see if we were able to read your transponder. If we did not read it, then the most likely issue is your transponder battery.
  • Your transponder may be mounted to your windshield incorrectly, or your windshield has special features that make it difficult to scan your transponder. Click here for a list of vehicles with these features and suggestions for alternative transponder placement.
  • You may have entered your transponder number incorrectly when you added it to your PayByCar profile.
  • There may be a delay due to cellular network congestion in the area.
  • We may be doing system maintenance, which typically occurs for a short period of time between 2am-4am EST. If we are experiencing an unplanned system outage (for example, a power outage in the area), we will send an email to alert all PayByCar members who may be affected.

If none of these reasons apply, contact us so we can offer assistance.

What do I do if I don’t get a text message when I enter the pump?

Follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Send a text message to ‘617-249-7524’ with the code "PBC"
Step 2: Click on the link that you received in the text message
Step 3: Select ‘Pay At The Pump’ Option
Step 4: Select and confirm the pump number
Step 5: Select the card you would like to pay with
Step 6: Enter your OTP (One Time Password) and you should be ready to fill up gas

How do I sign up for PayByCar?

You can enroll here or text “ENROLL” to 617-249-7524.

You will need a toll transponder (like E-ZPass) or a PayByCar Smart Tag (If you have a toll transponder, you can enter it during your enrollment or if you do not have one, you can request a PayByCar Smart Tag), plus a smartphone and a credit card. You don’t need your E-ZPass account number – just the number on the transponder itself.

Can I start enrolling but finish it later?

Yes! Although the enrollment process takes only a few minutes, we will save your information if you can’t complete it all at once. Then, when you’re ready to complete your enrollment, you can sign in to your account here.

Will I be required to download an app?

No. Unlike other contactless payment methods, PayByCar does not use an app, so none of your account information is stored on your phone nor do we have access to your phone’s contacts, GPS, or other sensitive information.

How do I find my transponder number?

Your transponder number appears between the two asterisks (*) on your E-ZPass.

How do I add my transponder to PayByCar?

Yes, it is extremely easy to add your Transponder number with the new interface.
Go to More > Transponder > Click on the (+) button

Can I add more than one transponder and/or driver to my account?

Yes, you can add up to 5 credit cards to your PayByCar Account.

Can I use my loyalty card with my PayByCar transactions?

PayByCar transactions are separate and do not accrue loyalty points. However, we do have occasional discounts offered only to PayByCar members. We announce them in emails to our members and on our social media.

Will I still get points on my credit card when I use PayByCar?

PayByCar uses the credit card on your account, so if your card rewards points for gas purchases, PayByCar transactions should still be eligible. Please double check with your credit card company.

Can I add/change a credit card to my profile at the time of the transaction?

There are 2 ways to use PayByCar.

Pay-by-TEXT: If you are using on-arrival welcome text to do the fueling transaction, you won't be able to change the card at the time of the transaction.

​We recommend that you set the default card on their profile by texting PBC to '617-249- 7524'.


Pay-By-Web-Interface: If you are transacting using just the web UI, then you have the choice to select the credit card at the time of transaction.

Multiple and default cards?

While you have multiple cards added to your account, you can always choose which card to use as your default card by selecting it in the “Wallet” section under ‘Manage your Account”.

How can I delete my credit card?

To delete an existing credit card from your PBC wallet, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Add a new credit card to your PBC wallet. This ensures that there is always at least one credit card associated with your wallet.
  2. Navigate to the "More" section and select the “Wallet” option within the interface.
  3. Look for the option to "Delete" the credit cards you no longer wish to be associated with your PBC wallet.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to confirm the deletion of the old credit cards.

If you have additional questions about PayByCar, please contact us.

Why did I get a “payment authorization unsuccessful” message when I tried to activate a pump?

The issuing bank of your credit card has declined to authorize a transaction. This may be due to situations such as insufficient funds, an expired card, a security issue on your account, or your card may not be in a supported network (we support VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express only.) Please call your credit card customer support number for assistance.

I entered the wrong pump number – can I cancel the transaction?

There are two common scenarios for entering the wrong pump number:

  • Inactive pump or the pump is already in use: If the pump number you entered is already in use or inactive, you will receive a text message asking you to choose a different pump number.
  • Activated the wrong pump: If you activate the wrong pump, you will have to physically go to the pump, remove the nozzle from the holder, and put it back to cancel the transaction.
​What is an OTP? And why do I need one?

One-time password (OTP) systems provide a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a unique password that can only be used once, as the name suggests. The OTP feature prevents some forms of identity theft by making sure that a captured username/password pair cannot be used a second time.

How can I change the email address on my account?

Please email your request to support@mypaybycar.com. Remember to include both your current and new email address and your default phone number.

Will I get an email receipt after I make a purchase?

Yes, you should get an email receipt immediately after completing your transaction. You can also access past receipts from your account dashboard.

How do I cancel my PayByCar account?

To Unsubscribe from PayByCar, please send:
Email to: support@mypaybycar.com
SUBJECT = Delete
BODY = Your mobile phone# that is used to create the PayByCar account.

Can I still use Pay-By-Car using my E-ZPass?

Yes, Pay-By-Car is the most simple and easy way to pay for gas. We would prefer you always use the Pay-By-Text method unless you don’t receive a text. And when you don’t receive a text when entering the gas station, send a text message to ‘617-249-7524’ with the code "PBC" and follow the link.

When can I use it in a parking lot?

PayByCar has signed up 3 parking lots in Boston and you will soon be able to use your PBC for parking. We’ll be sending you emails so be on the lookout.

When are the offers coming?

PayByCar is working with the gas stations closely and you’ll be able to see offers soon.