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The future of in-vehicle payments, PayByCar lets you pay directly from your car with your existing E-ZPass transponder, offering a seamless and convenient payment experience.

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PayByCar Launches Off-Street Parking Pilot in Four States across the United States

Boston, MA. – PayByCar, Inc., the mobile payments company responsible for providing pay-by-text payments for in-vehicle fueling payments, along with the help of “Driven by E-ZPass™”, continues expansion into the off-street parking industry…

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Empower your customers and grow profits: Become a PayByCar partner

With over 55 million E-ZPass transponders on the road, we're building a vast network of potential customers.

Transform Your Business with PayByCar:

  • On Arrival Identification: Customer Intelligence
  • Increase Loyalty: Strengthen customer retention.
  • Cut Costs: Lower operational expenses.
  • Versatile Integration: For gas, parking, drive-thrus, and more.

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